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The 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) opened on June 12 with hopes of reaching agreements on fisheries, intellectual property rights for new vaccines and food security, but also fears that geopolitical tensions could d
These two products belong to textile screen printing. Because most of their substrates are all kinds of textiles, the technical process is basically based on the textile screen printing process. 1. Development of flag and its production technology Th
Inkjet printing is used in many industries. It is characterized by rich and colorful, fast manufacturing process, image sun resistance, and good performance, which brings a prosperous prospect to the advertising industry. However, there are also some
For colored flags, the materials used for their production are very particular. More than 98% of them are all kinds of textiles, which are printed by screen printing process. However, there are not many enterprises producing flags in the textile syst
When customizing the hanging flag of the mall, the flag customization enterprise must first understand the size and specification of the hanging flag of the mall. The hanging flag of the mall has different shapes and sizes, and the specific size of t
When customizing flags, the message conveyed by color has a great impact on us. In daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment are closely related to color. Now people pay more attention to color matching. How to use color t
The enterprise flag is the symbol of an enterprise and represents an enterprise. The flag surface is generally the symbolic color of the enterprise (such as red, blue, white and green). The flag usually has the company name or company logo on it, and
On March 14, local time, China Railway Construction Won the bid for the franchise project of Cokimbo Hospital in Chile, which is the largest single franchise medical project won by a Chinese enterprise in Chile. The project is located in Coquimbo cit
Many users who need to customize the hanging flag often consult our factory about how to hang the hanging flag, how to install the hanging flag, what to hang the hanging flag with, and so on. Today, I will summarize and share with you the methods of
What are the flag materials? Shanghai Yingfeng flag factory Tel. (wechat): 15900759720 qq491426366 What are the flag materials? Commonly used Flag materials mainly include: 1. High end flag hanging materials include: Matte Satin (standing), thickened

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