Enterprise flag making process
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Enterprise flag making process

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The enterprise flag is the symbol of an enterprise and represents an enterprise. The flag surface is generally the symbolic color of the enterprise (such as red, blue, white and green). The flag usually has the company name or company logo on it, and it is usually placed at the door of the enterprise when hanging. Qianhong banner Factory believes that the significance of customizing enterprise flags is to show the temperament of the enterprise, highlight the cultural concept of the enterprise, reflect the spiritual style of the enterprise, and show the personality of the enterprise.

General enterprise flags are made of Tapestry Fabric, and can also be made of other fabrics. Now the digital printing equipment imported by Qianhong flag factory will all solve the problems of high cost, high price of finished products and cumbersome production process. Our factory uses advanced imported equipment and mechanized production to directly spray mountains, waters, figures, flowers, birds, fish and insects, etc. onto warp knitted cloth, tapestry cloth, satin, Oxford cloth, canvas, etc. its main characteristics are: high precision, no dot, environmental protection, waterproof, UV resistance; There is no need to transfer printing or high-temperature furnace to directly spray the picture on the cloth, which saves cost and buys time for our customers.


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